3 wishes.

you ever think about what you would wish for if a you suddenly found a genie? i do, quite a lot actually. when i was little i always used to think about breaking the law for wishing for more wishes. you know, like wishing to wish for more wishes, and if that’s not allowed then wishing to wish for more wishes and so on. wishes always kind of scare me. i mean, that much power and you could do anything? i wouldn’t want to wish for anything big and life changing, because then i feel like i would be cheating, but i would also want to wish for somehting worthwhile, that i could never have. it’s a tricky thing wishes, but after a lot of though i finally decided what 3 things i would wish for (and i would not be allowed to cheat ! unfortunate, i know)

1. the perfect playlist that is constantly updating and will always give me the best music to play.

i think that this would just be amazing! i don’t know about you guys, but i have like this internal fear of playing my music to anyone. i mean, do i play my own playlist, which they are free to then judge and will probably not know and therefor not be able to sing along and therefor will not be enjoyable. or do i play the top 50 where everyone will think of me as boring and unoriginal. being able to have the right playlist ever time would solve everyone of these problems. and also! you know when you need new music but you cant find any or your playlist is just plain boring? well then i would always have perfect music for my mood at anytime! see, worthwhile, but not life changing.

2. a book that is constantly changing to what everybody thinks about me.

woah woah woah. now before you think i’m some self obsessed person. i’m not. but this is just a wish idea that i’ve had since i was 8. the reason i want a big book like this is because i’m not very good at understanding when someone actually wants to be around me. i can read people and their emotions well, but i can’t seem to read if they like me (this would also be very helpful for boys! because i swear no matter what people tell me, no guy on this planet has ever, ever fancied me.). this book would also look very old and classy, cause you know i gotta get that aesthetic!

3. the ticket to know that i will die peacefully.

again this wish has a history that goes way back, like waaaay back. you see, when i finally grasped the idea of death and pain, i was terrified that this was how i was going to go. stabbed in the stomach and left to bleed out? drowning? these thoughts terrify me because i don’t want to be aware and in pain when i die. i just want to close my eyes and then… i’m dead. you see the backstory to this wish is that ever since i can remember i have only wished one thing, “i wish to die peacefully.” as morbid as that is to think that at 7 years old i was thinking about death, its true. and now i have some fear that if i don’t wish for that then i’m going to die in the most painful way ever. every single 11:11 i have seen, every single star i could see i have wished the exact same wish. so i better fucking die peacefully.

aaaand that’s a wrap. those are what i would wish for if a genie were to suddenly pop up in my room and be like “hey there, quick wish for 3 things!”

comment what 3 things you would wish for. i bet they would be way better than mine but   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well.

im out






hello everyone !! how are you, have you had a great day, because i have. after having a very slow and boring day, it cam to the afternoon where my mood suddenly went sky high. i felt motivated, happy and ready to conquer the world! but the i realised, conquering is not legal yet, so i decided to go with the next best option, starting a blog! it’s something that i’ve contemplated doing for a while now and have been off and on about very frequently. i’ve seen people around me so it, and to be honest, there blogs look pretty bomb. Pretty designs, amazing colour schemes, beautiful photos, they were doing everything that i love to do. so here i am, 6 months later after that simple idea was planted into my big head (for future reference: i have a massive head! shh) here i am making a blog. it’s going to start off shaky, i know. and I’ll probably fall on my arse many times, but who knows, stick around and maybe I’ll be something one day, take a chance on me! the content that I’m hoping to have on my blog is fashion ideas, creative thoughts, stories, food ideas and anything and everything that’s inside my gigantic head. who knows what will be put on here!

so here we are, first paragraph done and so close to taking the final steps to finish my blog, just one…more… …step..

love kate xx